My open letter to Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey

I already knew about this, but it inspired me to write and send the following letter to my Governor.

Dear Gov. Chris Christie,

You say that you are “morally opposed” to women’s health care. Let me tell you what that says to me, a woman, a young woman, living in the state of New Jersey. It means you are morally opposed to my right to dictate the terms of my life. You’re morally opposed to a family getting to choose the environment and/or circumstances under which they bring a child into this world. It says to me that you are morally opposed to quality of life, especially the quality of life for women. My pains aren’t real. My joys irrelevant. All because I participated in an activity you (apparently) disprove of. Sex. No, not unprotected sex, because if that was all you disproved of you would put MORE funding into family planning services not less. As someone “morally opposed” to women’s health care services, service that is guaranteed to me by law, mind you, regardless of your personal preference, (under the right to privacy no less, which means it’s none of your business if you do disagree,) you should know that pro-choice organizations are the only ones that actually effectively help prevent abortion. Because you must know that abstinence only education works at preventing sex about as well as “buck up!” helps the clinically depressed. You must know also, if you are so personally invested in this cause, that the bible belt has the highest rates of divorce, teen pregnancy and STIs in the country. Not New Jersey, not California, not New York. This is because the only REAL prevention against abortion is birth control, condoms and knowledge. Family planning services provide that, while pro-life institutions operate entirely on the notion that sex is for procreation only, and it’s wrong. That’s your right to think so, if you do Mr. Governor, but it’s not your right to tell me to think so too, and to enact policies with your own morals in mind. Please, wake up and see that sex isn’t going anywhere, and to cut funding from those who provide abortions is to cut funding to those who best help to prevent it. Personally I do not think abortion is wrong, but I respect you and your right to think otherwise. But I do not respect you for cutting off my access to my health care because you don’t agree with the procedure. You may potentially get diabetes (I admit I do not know the current state of your health, but I am estimating that it is likely from your obesity) or have a heart attack due to the life style you chose to live. Personally, I work out. I love ice cream and mac and cheese, but I eat right for the most part. Were I governor would you not be opposed if I cut funding to centers that helped patients with the health issues that ensue because of obesity, especially if those same centers also provided the most information and support on obesity prevention? I’m sure you would feel personally slighted. You may not need the services such a place would offer right now, but you very possibly could, you’re obese. I am a woman in the same respect. I do not believe sex is wrong any more than you believe eating is wrong, but because your religion tells you that I was born of Eve, that I am tainted just by being a woman, and so I must be pure in all other ways, and because the people also saw fit to elect you as governor, you not only get to judge me, but you get to make laws that directly affect my health when you have never and will never ever know what it is to be a woman in this world, what it feels like to possibly become pregnant, to be pregnant, or have born children of your own. My abortion, should I need one, would save the state money in the long run, since having a child at this stage of my life would put me on welfare. What your veto says to me is that you think I’m a slut who should just keep her legs closed, or open them up for the baby that follows. But I love children, governor, I spend my free time babysitting, I donate to St. Jude’s, I adore them, which is why I am Pro-Choice. I would never, ever want a child brought into this world because their mother couldn’t afford to abort him (and what makes you think she can then support him?) or a child whose mother didn’t want her then, and continues to not want her for the rest of her life. I was abused, and when you are abused so young you quickly see what a lie purity is. How can I be held responsible, seen as more or less valuable for something that can be taken form me so easily? You also see how important it is to protect children, the children that exist, the children that are born, that are HERE from anything you can. I was a wanted baby and my parents loved me, thank goodness, because otherwise I would never have made it through the hell that is recovering from the shame that falls on the victim – the sexual shame – in the aftermath of my day care provider’s impulses. All I can do is write to you and hope you hear me and the other women who have no doubt also written to you begging to respect us, respect our lives and respect our choices. They are private, and respectfully sir, they are not yours and will never be yours. You’re a public figure, you send a message to children, living, breathing, comprehending children, that women’s lives and choices are not to be taken seriously, and quiet honestly that health isn’t to be taken seriously either. I just have a facebook page, you are a public figure. I hope you do what is really truly the right thing and stop attacking the well being of the families of NJ. No one benefits from a forced pregnancy. Not the state, not the family, and CERTAINLY not the child that is created only to be unwanted. I really do hope that you come to see that, or at least come to see that our bodies are none of your business. Not as a man, not as a person, and not as governor.

Jennifer Carl


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