5 Reasons Why Texas is the Worst State

# 1 Gay rights:

The Texas GOP’s platform is just a little more than anti-gay.  Not only do they hope to make sodomy a criminal act again, they want it to be a felony to perform any sort of marriage ceremony for a same-sex couple.  This means that not only the couple but the person performing the wedding would face jail time.  So Texas is the worst because this is a stones throw from Jen and I moving to the lone-star state to harbor gay couples illegally in our attick so the GOP gestapo from finding them.

#2 Altering history:

Texas has decided that things went down in a far too liberal way, the solution, change the story.  This whole thing was lead by Don McLeroy.  He really could be reason #2 all by himself as he is a self proclaimed Christian fundamentalist sitting on the Texas State Board of Education.  But his brain child was making slight alterations to public education… like removing Thomas Jefferson and talking about how the civil rights movement lead to unrealistic expectations for equality.  Something like this is more dangerous when it happens in Texas as they are one of the largest purchasers of text books, and print a good deal of them as well.  It makes me think of a line the Wizard of Oz had in the musical Wicked, “Elphaba where I’m from we believe all sorts of things that aren’t true, we call it history.”  So Texas is the worst for trying to erase the past.

#3 Everything’s bigger in Texas:

Alaska is bigger than you… get over yourselves.

#4 Combining Racism with Anti-Choice:

The “black and unwanted” campaign was something that was started by African American anti-choice activists, however it clearly reinforces negative stereotypes about African American women and families.  Their claim is that 25% of abortions in Texas are from black women, but black women only make up 12% of the population.  Lets ignore the fact that men are reflected in the population of Texas but not in the abortions performed data so of course they’re not going to match up.  The simple fact is that almost 3 times as many abortions in Texas are from white women. So Texas is the worst because they skew data in order to be shocking when they tell you something thats complete bullshit in the first place

#5 Not Smart… or at least not Educated:

Nation wide Texas ranks 46th for math SAT scores, 49th verbal SAT scores, and dead last for percentage of people over 25 with high school diplomas or equivalent.  Perhaps this is a reflection of changing text books, or firing TEA personnel who support teaching science over superstition. So Texas is the worst for reaping what they sow.


~ by prettyprogressive on 09/06/2010.

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