god As A Deadbeat Dad

To me, the “loving god” is the least believable of all god-myths, its like asking the adult child of a father who left when they were still a baby to believe that he loves them and always had their best interests at heart. Across the world “god’s children” are victims of everything from natural disasters and wars, to loss and heartbreak. This is not self pitying “whydoes god let bad things happen to good people?” question. Instead I ask, if a child were going through a rough time and their parent refused to actually call and speak to them or physically visit to offer support or show concern… Would you call them a good parent?
If there were a mother in this idea of this broken eternal family, she would be entitled to a serious amount of child support. Instead our absentee heavenly father asks us to pay him! The argument from believers will follow that all we have us because of him, thus he’s entitled to tithes,but god’s grace is no more the cause of my financial success. If your astranged father showed up demanding 10% of your earnings in return for the part that hisdna playsin your success. Ridiculous! Someone who leaves their children before they can even remember him will have a difficult time claiming to be anything more than selfish.
The myth lends the explanation that god is testing our faith, giving us the chance to prove our love to him.What kind of narcissistic inferiority complex would a parent need to have go to such extents to seek validation? How self involved would you need to be to put your children through that? Make all the excuses that you will, but if there were a god you couldn’t call him anything more than a deadbeat dad.


~ by prettyprogressive on 04/19/2011.

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